The GOBLIN learning experience, week 4

This week the major obstacles to be overcome were a variety of not very bright insects, and a golem. There was really no choice but to confront the insects (we tried ‘sneaking past’ them twice before it worked), but we finessed the golem by not attacking it. It actually helped us by attracting the attention Read more about The GOBLIN learning experience, week 4[…]

Announcing GOBLIN:

Games Offer Bold Learning Insights Nowadays (GOBLIN) is an interactive adventure game that is, first and foremost, a vehicle to experientially teach pedagogical concepts. In other words, GOBLIN aims to synergistically combine professional development, storytelling, and a role-playing game into a memorable, engaging learning experience for instructors. Over the course of GOBLIN, topics ranging from scaffolding and overcoming failure … Continue reading Announcing GOBLIN: