November 30, 2015

Getting Started




The first decision you will have to make in GOBLIN is what character you want to play for the duration of this professional development.

Each character varies in attack, defense, magic, and speed rating as well as available skills. In other words, each character demands a different strategy to play well. For example, the half-giant is a defensive character. His defense rating is initially the highest of any character and his skills are highly defensive. On the other hand, the Dwarf is a much more balanced character that can be adapted to many different play styles. Each characters’ ratings will be provided to participants before selection occurs.

Open Mind

As this is a nontraditional professional development, we ask that you keep an open mind as a participant. The content is unique, the presentation is distinct, and the facilitator is likely learning how to operate GOBLIN to its full potential. That being said, GOBLIN will be unlike any training you will have attended previously. We look forward to providing a fun-filled learning experience!


Game Pieces

To play GOBLIN, you will need some everyday items and to print (and cut out) the game cards:


Administering GOBLIN requires each of the following:

GOBLIN Narrative

Each session, there will be a piece of narrative that you read aloud. This narrative is available as a download.

Discussion Outline

Discussion questions are provided on each of the session pages:

Since every group of participants varies in background, knowledge, and skills, we suggest you tailor discussion to best suit the needs of your audience. This may entail editing or omitting some of the provided questions or writing entirely new questions. This portion is the most important part of GOBLIN since it introduces, teaches, and ties all the components of GOBLIN together. Therefore, we encourage you to prepare and adapt each session as needed.