November 30, 2015



Games Offer Bold Learning Insights Nowadays (GOBLIN) is an interactive adventure game that is, first and foremost, a vehicle to experientially teach pedagogical concepts. In other words, GOBLIN aims to synergistically combine professional development, storytelling, and a role-playing game into a memorable, engaging learning experience for instructors. Over the course of GOBLIN, topics ranging from scaffolding and overcoming failure to team learning, game-based learning, and gamification will be discussed and experienced firsthand.

GOBLIN is meant for anyone looking to improve their educational practices and everyone who shares a love for learning and games! At the end of the day this professional development means to provide insight as to what games have to teach us about learning. The first instance of GOBLIN will be conducted at the University of Oklahoma as a Faculty Learning Community—a type of professional development aimed at providing a cohort of instructors with the opportunity to connect and grow as they engage in training together. Five sessions will be spent introducing and exploring these concepts to determine applications in the classroom and beyond. Although GOBLIN will tackle many conceptual questions, participants will also engage with content that will be immediately applicable in their course.

We promise GOBLIN will be unlike any professional development you have ever experienced!

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