Grading K.O.

Last spring I taught a gamified Comp II course. It was something I had been thinking about for a while, but had planned on proposing and enacting the following year. I ended up rushing in to teaching it for various reasons, and the final result was unpleasant. There were many great things I learned from Read more about Grading K.O.[…]

Things to take away from my GOBLIN course

The past 4 weeks have been wonderfully engaging and enlightning; I expect the last week to be the same. I am actually saddened that this is coming to an end! I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, and I feel that I’ll be able to take some of the concepts and ideas we’ve learned this week and apply Read more about Things to take away from my GOBLIN course[…]

Scaffolding: From Candy Land to Calculus

I’m currently teaching my 4-year old daughter, Evie, to play board games. Before we get to chess or Scrabble or even Sorry, we’re starting off with some really simple games that can demonstrate for her how games work. Candy Land is mind-numbingly simple and a great starting point for her. Players race down a string […]

Goblin as OER

While the thought of gamifying an entire class or even elements of a class will be daunting for many, GOBLIN also includes more universal and applicable concepts.  Well designed games introduce game mechanics and then increase the difficulty of tasks to encourage mastery of those mechanics.  They encourage team work, challenging players to combine the […]