Game-Based Learning in the Literature Classroom

For the past few years I’ve been reading here and there about games in the classroom. The most provocative example I’ve found is Reacting to the Past, a role-playing game designed at Barnard College that has students inhabit historical events. The idea is that the game inspires students to prepare much more thoroughly than they […]

The GOBLIN learning experience

In the second week of training we thrashed away at a new set of monsters, and began to learn about our Active and Passive skills. The simulation brought out the importance of learning o t h e r team member’s skills. Also strategy was decided by consensus, with good results. I wonder how these translate Read more about The GOBLIN learning experience[…]

My life as a Berserker (cont.).

I was slightly appalled (codeswitch warning: the last phrase is British English) by the examples of allegedly successful teamwork in the first paragraph of the ‘Team Learning Overview’. Both examples are from all male or sex segregated games. Really, people, this has got to go. Educators in 21st century universities have NOTHING positive to learn Read more about My life as a Berserker (cont.).[…]

The GOBLIN training experience

I hate video games. So taking the GOBLIN training puts me a long way outside my comfort zone. I am one of the main authors of a teaching game about Galileo Galilei. During that process I worked with people who built ‘Call of Duty 3’ and ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fall of Isengard’. So Read more about The GOBLIN training experience[…]

A general idea for scaffolding

One of the big benefits from GOBLIN training is that it gives you names for things you were already doing, but didn’t have a label for, like ‘scaffolding’. In my course on the Cold War, I originally designed a ‘General Knowledge Quiz’ to weed out unprepared students. The test asked for well known names and Read more about A general idea for scaffolding[…]

Scaffolding: From Candy Land to Calculus

I’m currently teaching my 4-year old daughter, Evie, to play board games. Before we get to chess or Scrabble or even Sorry, we’re starting off with some really simple games that can demonstrate for her how games work. Candy Land is mind-numbingly simple and a great starting point for her. Players race down a string […]

Goblin as OER

While the thought of gamifying an entire class or even elements of a class will be daunting for many, GOBLIN also includes more universal and applicable concepts.  Well designed games introduce game mechanics and then increase the difficulty of tasks to encourage mastery of those mechanics.  They encourage team work, challenging players to combine the […]