Team Learning: A Halo 2 Clan Story

This post was written by guest blogger Keegan Long-Wheeler and cross-posted from his blog, Keegan is the educational technologist at the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Oklahoma and my collaborator on GOBLIN. My first experiences of online multiplayer gaming were dominated byHalo 2. This Xbox title was the most popular game of its time in my […]

The GOBLIN learning experience

In the second week of training we thrashed away at a new set of monsters, and began to learn about our Active and Passive skills. The simulation brought out the importance of learning o t h e r team member’s skills. Also strategy was decided by consensus, with good results. I wonder how these translate Read more about The GOBLIN learning experience[…]

My life as a Berserker (cont.).

I was slightly appalled (codeswitch warning: the last phrase is British English) by the examples of allegedly successful teamwork in the first paragraph of the ‘Team Learning Overview’. Both examples are from all male or sex segregated games. Really, people, this has got to go. Educators in 21st century universities have NOTHING positive to learn Read more about My life as a Berserker (cont.).[…]