GOBLIN: Week 3, or How Failure is Important to Success

I think it is awesome that a session on failure was included in the course of this series. Many people fail (LOL) to account for failure when discussing the topic of learning. I remember a Nike commercial featuring a voiceover from Michael Jordan that basically talked about all of the failure that he had over Read more about GOBLIN: Week 3, or How Failure is Important to Success[…]

Go Die a Hundred Times

I play EVE Online, and that was the advice I got when I asked more experienced players how to get better at player-vs-player combat. Regular failure is simply part of the game, so much so that one of the tutorial missions for players in their first week is a suicide mission where success requires flying Read more about Go Die a Hundred Times[…]

The GOBLIN learning experience

In the third week of the course we met the Blannelid, but only after we had exhausted ourselves defeating the Troll and its spider sidekicks. In fact, it looked very much as though we met the Blannelid b e c a u s e we were on the point of defeating the Troll; the Troll Read more about The GOBLIN learning experience[…]

How can we create a culture of failure

I have a lot of thoughts about failure.. and how if if I take one point off a 5 pt assignment in a 300 pt class, I have a student at my door. How do we create a culture of failure? can we throw out grades all together. I think the grades work against us. Read more about How can we create a culture of failure[…]

How do I get them to fail

How does one design opportunities for failure in a classroom? I use the verb design quite deliberately because facing the challenge of a GNE ED course in which few people have a strong desire to take it because of perceived course content, setting students up for failure will cause me to fail, an experience few Read more about How do I get them to fail[…]