How can we create a culture of failure

I have a lot of thoughts about failure.. and how if if I take one point off a 5 pt assignment in a 300 pt class, I have a student at my door.

How do we create a culture of failure? can we throw out grades all together.

I think the grades work against us. As a professor, I hate grading, in fact, the main issue, I don’t care about it.. I am interested in the process and the learning – can I just give everyone an A and move on? I would like to not grade anything.. why does it matter if I like it.. can’t you self assess. but the question i have, if people self-assessed would they allow themselves to fail too? I don’t think so.

Could critique in teams achieve the differentiation I am looking for? Not sure.. just thinking.. (isn’t that what blog posts are for)

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