GOBLIN: Week 3, or How Failure is Important to Success

I think it is awesome that a session on failure was included in the course of this series. Many people fail (LOL) to account for failure when discussing the topic of learning.

I remember a Nike commercial featuring a voiceover from Michael Jordan that basically talked about all of the failure that he had over his career, ending with the phrase “and that, is why I succeed”. (https://youtu.be/45mMioJ5szc) Here is this world-renowned, (some would say) Greatest Player of All Time acknowledging that he wouldn’t be where he was if he hadn’t failed over and over again. It’s a powerful statement, because many people never think to view failure in a positive light. Failure, in his particular case, was a driving force for improvement and later on, excellence. In the classroom, we should encourage students to fail; without that juxtaposition, will they ever reach the heights that they otherwise could?

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